Carlo Fest is an initiative by SMYM St. Mary’s Church, Kothanur Bangalore. The Chavara youth of St. Mary’s church, Kothanur was formed to provide valuable opportunity to rediscover and strengthen the friendship in Christ.

Carlo Fest is a virtual global fest involving all the Syro Malabar youth units in parishes across the world. This fest is a unique initiative and a reminder that we are not alone, but we stand strong together even in taxing times. The fest based on the talents of the vibrant youth will be judged by professional judges and will not be based on the views or likes posted on social media.

The fest is named after Blessed Acutis Carlo a young Italian computer techie. He catalogued the Eucharist miracles in a website and used media to evangelize and proclaim the Gospel. Carlo though a teenager, is an inspiration for the youth. He used the internet in the service of the Gospel to reach out to as many people as possible. This fest intends to reach out to the dynamic youth around the globe.


List of Events:

Goup Song Solo Song
Group Dance Solo Dance
1 Minute Production Photography
Pencil Sketching Mime
Essay Writing(English and Malayalam) Elocution(English and Malayalam)
Mono Act Malayalam Poetry Writing(English and Malayalam)

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