Cherupushpa Mission League (CML) is the largeest Missionary Organisation for Laity in Asia. CML was started under the guidance and blessings of the Bishop of the Changanacherry Arch Diocese Mar James Kaalassery, in the year 1947 at Bharananganam by the living legend of Kerala Church – Kunjettan (Mr. P.C. Abraham Pallaattukunnel) and Late V. Rev. Fr. Joseph Malipparambil who was the founder Director of CML.

AIM: Fostering the Mission Spirit and Assisting the Missionaries by means of Prayer, Man and Money Vocation Promotion Personality Development.

MOTTO: Love, Service, Sacrifice and Suffering

CML is a strong and interactive body of children who are called to be examples of childhood faith, innocence, hope and love; through their faith and actions which is growing into a prayerful and indigenous organization for Catholic Children. The Heavenly patron for Mission League is St Theresa of Liseux and the co patrons are St Francis Xavier and St. Alphonsa. The aim is to enhance mission spirit among the children and enable them to participate effectively in the missionary activities and personality development.

CML, Kothanur was officially inaugurated at the St Mary's church on the 6th July 2014 by Rev. Fr. Lijo Jose CMI, Vicar of the church in presence of trustees, committee members, catechism teachers, students and all the members gathered. During this occasion every child from the catechism classes were given the CML badges and officially became the members of the organization. As young kids under the process of faith formation, CML is a platform to practice what they learn in religious education classes and so. They also took a pledge to endorse the slogan of CML in their life for the creation of a better community.

CML Kothanur, has a Director, Vice Director, President, Vice President, Animator, Secretary and Joint Secretary chosen from its members. There is a co-coordinator for incorporating the activities of the Mission League.




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