Family is the most precious human institution. Our parish is aware of its responsibility to safeguard the holiness of the family against the enormous forces that seek to destroy or weaken it. We believe that it is the domestic church that forms the foundation of the Church and it must be nurtured andsupported.

Each mother’s care, strength, and selflessness moulds the future generation. Mother Mary is the mother of the world and all mothers. It was into her hands that Jesus entrusted the world. Through her own life, she gave us an example of how to imbibe the virtues that everyone must practice. During our lives, when we run out of wine, our Mother intercedes to the Son as she did at the wedding in Cana.

Mother Mary- the Protector of Life and the Light of the Family, stands close to the Church, safeguarding the kingdom of Jesus Christ. The domestic church’s health depends on the health of the family i.e. the mental, emotional, sentimental, psychological and above all, the spiritual health of the family members.

St Mary’s Church Mathruvedi was inaugurated on 15 the Aug 2019 (Feast of Assumption of our Blessed Mother) to create a platform for mothers to pray as well as to empower and unite mothers of the Parish mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through connectedness. We uphold our VirginMother as our patroness and role model.

Our Vision & Mission

  • Enable mothers in the formation of genuine families based on Christian values
  • Develop and nurture leadership qualities in mothers.
  • Enable mothers to impart faith to the present generation and the generations to come
  • Work for the integral development of the church.
  • Uphold the dignity of human life and promote a true Christian life.
  • Ensure families uphold the importance of prayer and charity.
  • Empower families to actively contribute and participate in all activities of the Church.


  • Active participation in the faith formation of Catechism children
  • Fundraising for the church construction through the sale of homemade food.
  • Daily Rosary recitation for prayer intentions.
  • Visiting the sick and needy.
  • Active involvement in parish activities under the guidance of the Parish Priest.

Through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary and under the guidance of our Parish Priest, we strive to uphold the values and drive forward the vision of Mathruvedi Office Bearers

Mathruvedi Members

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Poovathinal CMI. Vicar -St. Mary’s Chur ch Kothanur
Spiritual & Motivational Guide
Mrs. Remani Pius
Mrs. Bindu Pramod
Vice President
Mrs. Raghy Jyothin
Mrs. Bindu Jose  
Mrs. Bindu Jose  
Mrs. Siji Mathew
Joint Secretary

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