Please note that, from 1-April-2022, there will be 3 Holy Massess as per the schedule below:

Holy Mass Timings

Sunday: 6.30 AM, 8.15 AM and 10.00 AM
The 8.15 AM Holy mass is intended for members of Chavara youth and 10.00 AM Holy mass is intended for Catechism students and parents.

( Note: Effective from 1-October, 2022, the second Holy mass on Sundays will be at 8.15 AM).

Mon-Sat: 6.30 AM

First Fridays: 6.30 PM (followed by adoration at 7 PM)

Confessions on every day at request.

For any pastoral assistance or services, kindly contact Rev. Fr. Vicar or the trustees to guide you.

Holy Mass will be celebrated in Malayalam